Waitrose car park in Salisbury managed by Britannia Parking and ANPR cameras have now been installed. Parking in restricted to a three hour stay but, prehaps more importantly, you may not return to the car park within 3 hours.

If you break the rules then you can expect to receive a notification through your letter box with a £70 (PCN) charge.

The car parking is run by Britannia Parking and, as far as I know, they will have access to the DVLA Vehicle Keepers database. This is also the car park that is used by visitors to Sports Direct, Homesense and Smyths the toy shop. 

The parking limit has been 3 hours for as long as I can remember, I suspect that it is being abused by some residents and visitors to Salisbury. I have often seen people leaving their cars in the car park at Waitrose and walking into town. I imagine that they can still do so as long as they remember the time limit. Other car parks in Salisbury are available

Waitrose Car Park Salisbury

Free parking in Salisbury

Ever since the Novichok poisoning incident in Salisbury, the council have been keen to encourage visitors back to Salisbury. As a result, you can park for free in the Wiltshire Council run car parks after 3pm Monday to Saturday, and free all day on Sunday.

I don't expect the free parking to be available long term but you should be able to find out more information on the Wiltshire County Council website.

The Waitrose car park is not owned by the council so this probably explains why the ANPR parking cameras are being installed and a £70 charge issued.