Suzie the greyhound is a black rescue girl that has retired from racing and now lives with us in Salisbury. She was rescued by GLWR (Greyhound and Lurcher Welfare Rescue) in Wiltshire and now has her forever home.

Suzie the greyhound is taking a little time to settle in as she has come straight from racing and knows very little about living in a house.

She's still only a young greyhound and it is thought that she will be 3 years old in March (2015). She's a very pretty girl and has a few white markings on her rear paws and a white spot on her chest, just below her collar line, although it doesn't show in this photo.

Suzie The Greyhound

We don't know a great deal about her racing history other than she raced up north and was then transported down to GLWR. She was spayed and fully innoculated before we took her on and is also microchipped.

We will be taking her to our vets here in Salisbury for a check-up although the vet at GLWR didn't notice any problems.

I've noticed that Suzie the greyhound is very well trained on the lead and walks beautifully. She doesn't pull at all unlike Jewel, our previous greyhound, who would pull like crazy. 

We don't know what Suzie will be like with cats or small furry dogs yet so I'll have to be careful with her when we're out walking. Our previous greyhound hated cats and would bark furiously if she saw one when we were out for walkies.

As with our other greyhound, Suzie if petrified of the sound of fireworks. For some reason we seem to get a lot of them being let off in Salisbury and she's terrified. If I had my way, the government would ban fireworks with the exception of organised events.

Greyhounds can be naughty

As we're discovering, our young greyhound certainly likes her food and can be a little naughty. I went down stairs yesterday morning to make coffee and to prepare porridge for my wife's breakfast. I put the oats in and poured some milk over it to let it soak in and left it on the kitchen work surface. Suzie was down having her breakfast and I'd left the back door open for her to go out and have a tinkle.

When i popped down a little later to close the door I found my wife's breakfast bowl in the middle of the lounge rug with no sign of porridge at all :) How Suzie had managed to pick up a breakfast bowl without dropping it I shall never know but it certainly shows that greyhounds can be naughty.

Greyhounds like to collect household items

For some reason our new greyhound likes to collect household items. She tends to collect her food and water bowls, beer tins and even the toilet brush and put them in a pile on her bed. I'm not sure why Suzie the greyhound is doing this but it's sweet really.