SEO Salisbury is a search engine optimisation experiment to see how visible I can make this web page in the search engine results pages. It seems as though there are quite a few SEO consultants that manage to rank fairly highly even though they are not based in or even near to Salisbury.

The beauty of SEO is that it’s one of the best ways of marketing a business website. I’ve enjoyed a top ranking in google for my business website and I get a lot of enquiries due to having a good online presence.

One of the worst problems that I notice is keyword stuffing, people seem to plaster their pages with their keywords and it just looks horrible. I would prefer to adopt the ‘top and tail’ approach and just use relevant content as the filling

I myself am not an SEO consultant or expert, I’m just a humble SEO enthusiast but, like many, I rely on having a business website that ranks well in the search engines. I spent a lot of time learning about local SEO but it was worth it to get to the top of Google for computer repairs in my area.

SEO Salisbury, South Wiltshire

If you would rather not engage with a Salisbury SEO then you might want to learn about DIY SEO and consider doing it yourself.


All in all, the SEO Salisbury experiment has taught me that search engine optimisation isn’t necessarily as easy as I thought. I’ve checked the position in the SERPS fairly frequently and this page is usually mid way down page 2 of Google. The page only has a single inbound link so I suppose that I couldn’t really expect more.

There are also some very knowledgeable SEO companies in the Salisbury area that seem to know their onions. There are also a few SEO businesses that seem to have an entry for just about every town and city in the UK.

I shall consider getting a few more links pointing at SEO Salisbury and see what happens.