Traffic delays on the A36 Salisbury can be terrible and traffic is almost at gridlock on the Southampton Road at times, especially with cars trying to leave Tesco in Bourne Way. It has taken me more than an hour to get out of Tesco's car park in the past and that's just getting to the roundabout on the Southampton Road. If it does look like the car park is gridlocked, you could always pop into the Tesco extra cafe for a cuppa whilst you're waiting for the traffic to die down.

Tha A36 is one of the main routes into Salisbury from Southampton, the traffic flows quite well through West Wellow and on up Pepperbox Hill but, you will often find that the traffic slows right down on the Alderbury bypass on the way in to town.

In a similar fashion, as you drive down from St Mark's roundabout towards the College roundabout you'll see the traffic queues ahead. Some people turn off of Churchill Way at Kelsey Road and drive along Rampart Road but that usually ends up in another gridlock.

Avoid the A36 traffic delays at Salisbury Tesco Extra

One way to avoid the Salisbury traffic and reach the Southampton Road is to drive along Milford Mill Road. This brings you out by the Petersfinger park and ride and onto the A36.

Milford Mill Road rat run

Milford Mill Road has been a rat run for many years and the traffic seems to have increased since the Council built the park and ride. I drove along there recently and it looks as though the traffic numbers are being monitored.

The problem with using Milford Mill Road as a rat run is that it's totally unsuitable for lorries as it's quite narrow. The medieval bridge on Milford Mill Road also looks fragile but I don't know if it's been damaged in any way by lorries using the route.

A lorry has got stuck under a bridge on Milford Mill Road

This happens quite frequently in Salisbury and causes traffic chaos. It might be that the lorry driver was blindly following his Sat-Nav or whether he (or she) thought that they knew of a handy short-cut but the result is always the same, the lorry gets stuck under the railway bridge.

There is a height limit marked on the railway bridge on Millford Mill Road and, on a straight road, a lorry would probably pass under it but, in this case, there is a tight left hand bend just as you go under the bridge. This is most likely why lorries get stuck under the bridge...

Salisbury traffic reports

For up to date traffic reports for Salisbury visit:

I did hear that Tesco might be building a second exit from their Bourne Way site so that may be an option for reducing the traffic jams.

For now it looks as though Salisbury traffic will continue to be a problem and the gridlock at Tesco Southampton Road A36 will remain.