Milford Mill Road in Salisbury is a rat run that is used by drivers trying to avoid traffic delays but lorries are causing damage to the grade 1 medieval bridge.

Traffic along the Southampton Road (A36) can result in long delays at times. Drivers heading into Salisbury from the Alderbury bypass will often turn off of the A36, just past Petersfinger Road, onto Milford Mill Road. 

They know that traffic will be heavy at the Bourne Way roundabout with many cars trying to leave the Tesco supermarket that's located near by.

Drivers heading out of Salisbury in the direction of the A36 will also try to avoid the traffic gridlock on the Southampton Road, Some people turn off of Churchill Way at St Mark's roundabout and follow on down to Milford Mill Road via Manor Farm Road or even Shady Bower.

Whilst this is right of way, it is totally unsuitable for large lorries and HGVs. The medieval bridge along Milford Mill Road is quite narrow and is suffering damage due to the traffic.

Petition to save Milford Mill Road bridge

Due to the damage being caused to this medieval bridge, a petition has been launched.

The petition seeks to:

  • Reduce the vehicle weight restriction for Milford Mill Road to 3.5 tons.
  • Extend the 20mph speed limit on the eastern side of the bridge.
  • Place CCTV at Milford bridge

For more information and to sign the petition to save Milford Mill Road bridge, please follow this link