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Are you looking for laptop repairs in Salisbury, I provide laptop support and maintenance and deal with common problems such as malware infections, data recovery (transfer), operating system reinstallation, hard drive replacements and broken laptop screen replacements. Please note that I do not repair Apple products or tablets, just desktop PCs and laptops that run Microsoft Windows

I run Salisbury Computer Repairs. I've been repairing desktop computers and laptops since setting up my business in 2007.

If you need help then ring me on Salisbury (01722) 328867. You laptop will be repaired by me personally and I would expect it to be returned to you within 24-48 hours. My email address is andy@salisburycomputerrepairs.co.uk

The most common laptop repairs that I carry out relate to broken and cracked screens as they are so fragile. The other common repairs these days seem to be related to pop up adverts appearing on your screen whilst surfing the internet.

Cracked Laptop screens

As I mentioned earlier, laptop screens are very fragile and easily broken. Closing the lid with a memory stick on the keyboard is a favourite way of smashing the screen as is dropping the laptop. I've even seen a few where the lids have been slammed shut by and angry teenager. :)

Whatever the cause, a broken laptop screen can be replaced fairly easily. I have a good supplier based near London and I can usually get a replacement screen the next working day if I order before 3pm.

Pop ups and adverts

If you use anti virus software on your computer then you may be wondering why these annoying online adverts and pop-ups appear. In most cases these adverts are caused by a malware infection as opposed to a virus infection, whilst your anti-virus software may detect and stop this type of malicious software to some small degree, it doesn't offer that much in the way of protection.

Slow Laptops

Is your laptop running really slowly?. If so it's due to a build up of temporary internet files and old files associated with removed software. I can remove these for you and speed up your laptop.

Hard drive replacement

The operating system for your laptop is installed on the hard drive as well as all of your documents and photos. Hard drives fail from time to time and need to be replaced. I can source a replacement for you and re-install the operating system. If the hard drive is still operational then I can also recover your documents and photos. 

Please Note: It is vital that you backup your laptop on a regular basis, you must make a copy of these documents onto an external hard drive, memory stick or online storage.

TalkTalk Scam Calls

Please be aware of the ever increasing TalkTalk scam calls that people are receiving. It usually involves a cold call by someone with an Indian accent claiming that there is either a problem with your router or your computer...

It's a scam to try to get you to pay for unnecessary repairs

Please ring me for all laptop repairs in Salisbury including screen replacement and virus removal - 01722 328867