Nobody wants to run the risk of food poisoning so it's good to know that our establishments in Salisbury can display their food hygiene ratings which are known as the scores on the doors.

Their kitchens are visited by Council inspectors on a regular basis to check on such things as cleanliness and food storage.

These food hygiene regulations are set out by the Food Standards Agency and are inforced the public protection services from Wiltshire Council.

Our restaurants and pubs are encouraged to display a scores on the doors sticker at their entrance. The food hygiene rating sticker displays the score between 0 and 5 where 5 is very good whilst 0 requires urgent improvement.

How to find the food hygiene ratings (Scores On The Doors) for Salisbury, Wiltshire

If you want to check on the rating for a particular restaurant, pub or any other food business in Salisbury, Wiltshire or elsewhere then you can run a search at this page:

If you visit the Food Standards Agency site, you can run a search for general search for all of the establishments in Salisbury, Wiltshire but there is also the option to search for establishments with a rating of 0 or 1. You might be in for a suprise!.

The last thing that anyone wants after a meal is food poisoning or even an upset tummy. If you are in anyway concerned then look for the results on the food hygiene rating sticker.

Is displaying food hygiene ratings a legal requirement?

You might think that it's a legal requirement to display the food hygiene ratings of an establishment but it's not. I was quite suprised to find that they don't have to display the 'scores on the doors' but you have to ask yourself why they wouldn't

I can imagine that managers of high scoring pubs and restaurants in Salisbury being only too pleased to display the scores on the doors but what about those with scores below 4?. Personally I wouldn't order food from an establishment in Salisbury, Wiltshire that didn't display their food hygiene ratings.