It's time to ban fireworks except for organised events and stop the bangs affecting animals and military veterans suffering with PTSD. At the very least ban fireworks from being sold to the general public and save them for organised fireworks displays.

I can see absolutely no need to sell these explosives to the people in the street especially as they have the potential to cause such bad burns when used incorrectly.

Fireworks and animals

Fireworks cause a lot of stress and anxiety to animals and household pets. My dog, a rescue greyhound, is absolutely petrified of the loud bangs made by fireworks and it takes a long time to calm her down around bonfire night. 

Wildlife and farm animals must be terrified of all of the loud bangs. Animals will panic and flee at the sound of the bang and this can result in road traffic accidents. I've even heard of horses bolting and being badly injured after running through barbed wire fences.

Fireworks and PTSD sufferers

I also wonder what psychological effect the loud bangs from fireworks have on soldiers and other military personnel who have served time in a war zone. I would imagine that fireworks are a strong reminder of what's it's like for soldiers who have come under fire, especially those that are unfortunate to suffer with PTSD. I've read about fireworks triggering combat flashbacks in soldiers so this is another reason to ban fireworks.

It's not just for the reasons above that I'd like to see fireworks banned, they are just so anti-social. People don't just restrict their use to bonfire night ( and the other occasions of celebration) but they seem to be going off for weeks either side. The fireworks were so loud this year (2014) that they were setting off car alarms.

Australia has very strict rules about fireworks and only type 1 fireworks such as sparklers and party poppers can be sold to the public. For anything that has a large explosion or gets airborne, users need to register for a Type 2 Licence.

In the UK, fireworks intended for Guy Fawkes night are supposed to be restricted to sale between the 15th of October and ending on the 10th November and can be let off between 7am and 11pm.There do not appear to be any restrictions on the time of year that fireworks can be let off.

For the reasons stated above I think It's time to ban fireworks and stop the bang scaring pets and wildlife.