If the web page that you just clicked on is missing with a 404 Oops then here's what's happened. This website is a little bit of an SEO experiment for me to fiddle about with. From time to time I create a page with the intention of trying to rank for this or that but sometimes it all goes wrong.

The last experiment was when I tried to rank 3 different location pages for Local SEO. Ie, SEO Salisbury, SEO Hedge End and SEO Wiltshire. The pages were virtually identical other than the place name. For some reason they all dropped in rank after a few days and I suspect that Google decided that they were almost duplicate content.

Web Page Missing - 404 Oops

If you get this "web page missing 404 Oops" warning again then you'll know that I've messed up again :)

Please check the home page and try again.